Yuichiro Tsuchiya

Engineer / Programmer

Skills / Interests:
  • Machine learning

    Python (numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, etc...), matlab, Deep Learning frameworks (Caffe, Chainer, Tensorflow), ...

  • Web

    PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS (SASS), ...

  • Hardware

    FPGA (Verilog)

  • Other languages / skills

    C, Linux

Projects / Products

Nano Deep All-in-one platform for vision system

Nano Deep is a palm-sized device including CPU, FPGA, and camera. “Deep Learning Accelerator” is built on its FPGA and supports deep learning calculation on hardware level, which enables you to use sophisticated image processing method based on deep learning such as object recognition at high speed and with low energy consumption.

Linux runs on this device and Python library is provided to access Nano Deep functionalities (Deep Learning Accelerator, Camera controller, etc), so that software programmers who are not familiar with hardware or some low-level systems can write programs and develop applications using this powerful device.

You can develop powerful standalone vision system and application by using Nano Deep.

This project is supported by IPA MITOH Program.



ASHA Nepal Project / ASHA fusion

ASHA Nepal Project aims to support building efficient health care system in rural areas of Nepal. I’m developing a software named “ASHA fusion” to use in this project as an engineering member.

Project site: http://asha-np.org
Engineer recruitment: http://tuttieee.com/asha-fusion/
Crowdfunding: https://readyfor.jp/projects/8953

ASHA logo
ASHA fusion

Matchingood ATS

ATS (Applicant Tracking System), or SaaS for company HR to manage applicants. I developed this product as a contract worker. My contribution was approximately 99% (all but design) at the first release, approximately 80% on June 1, 2016.



Online education service. I developed this product and wrote 100% codes.